Move Spotlight: The Breaks

The Breaks Movie Poster

Tonight, VH1 will debut its original hip-hop drama, The Breaks.

Based on the book “The Big Payback,” The Breaks chronicles the journey of three friends (Nikki, David and DeeVee) in New York City trying to make their mark in the hip-hop world in the early 90s.

The cast includes: Mack (Tristan) Wilds as Daryl “DeeVee” Van Putten, Jr., an aspiring producer trying to find the next rap superstar.

Afton Williamson  stars as Nikki Jones, a recent George Washington University grad who abandons a law school scholarship to pursue her dream of becoming a record executive.

David Call will play David Aaron,  who is Nikki’s boyfriend and the son of legendary music producer, Juggy Aaron. Desperate to make a name of his own,  David is determined to make sure he leave his footprint and sheds light on the true form of hip-hop.

Woody Harris will play Barry Fouray, the founder of Fouray Management. Barry focuses on the momentum of continuously producing legends within a forever changing industry.

Check it out tonight at 9 p.m. EST.


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