Cuffing Season Rules

The temperature has dropped. The leaves and grass are changing colors. And summer clothes are heading to the back of the closet. Many would considered this the signs of Autumn (technically that is true), but it is also known as “Cuffing Season.” This is a time where single men and women are looking for a “bae” to cuddle with during the cold days to come. However, over the years there have been some proper guidelines that need to be followed for your cuffing season to run smoothly.

Here are a couple of rules that you can abide by to make for a smooth cuffing season:

1. Don’t invade each others’ space.

The worst thing anyone can do is become clingy. Yes the whole purpose of cuffing season is to stay in and enjoy each others time, but that doesn’t mean all the time whether in person or on the phone.

2. Don’t be selfish.

There are times when you guys are going to get bored together. I’m pretty sure some ideas will be tossed around to entertain the two. Be nice. If she doesn’t want to watch the game, compromise. And if he doesn’t feel like watching a certain movie or hanging with your friends, don’t catch an attitude.

3. Safe Sex.

This is the time where protected sex goes array  and the pull out methods and Plan B skyrocket. STOP IT! I understand if you really love each other and are in an exclusive relationship. But if y’all are strictly on a friends with benefits/late-night tip, protect yourselves from any unwanted diseases or creations to come.

4. Stay Fly.

Ladies just because it’s winter time does not mean sweatpants and flats should overtake your daily wardrobe regiment. I personally think fall/winter clothes are the best. They have better accessories! Wear some boots, throw on a scarf, put on some stockings/leggings. Wearing clothes can be extremely sexy too. Fellas, I understand you feel this is a great time to try that full grown beard and let your hair grow out a little bit. But not everyone should do it. You should avoid the comfy long johns are much as possible too. Throw of some hot jeans and wear that sweater that compliments your shoes.

5. Have Fun.

Courtship, flirting and all variants are more about the journey than the destination. Y’all can still go out. Don’t be cooped up in the house all the time watching Netflix. If you’re cheap or broke, brunches and lunches are always a great idea. You’ll be surprise by how many free events go on in your city, just look. And don’t get too serious. If it happens, it happens.

Okay, now find that special someone to snuggle with!


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