10 Things That Make A Man Unattractive

The woes of being a woman… Every female  has her ideal “perfect man.” (Tall, dark, handsome, etc.) But as time goes by, you realize some of the things on your list are a little far fetch, and others; require a skill of patience and compromising. What once attracted you to a man can change at the drop of a hat. However, there are a few things that are NON-negotiable.

Here is a list of 10 things that women find unattractive about a man.

10. Swirls Only – There are quite a few women that will vouch that their “perfect man” does not want anything to do with the “sistas”. I am not talking about a professional athlete or actor either. I am talking about your lawyers, professors and just your everyday man. He firmly believes that women of a different ethnicity and/or nationality than his own are the epitome of beauty. Now this can hurt, but at the end of the day, you find yourself sympathizing for a man that has some deep, dark self-hate for himself and ultimately his mother.


9. TOO Much Baggage – Do I really need to go into detail about this man? He doesn’t confirm nor deny that he is in a relationship and there is a good chance he belongs to the BMD (Baby Momma Drama) club.


8. Financially Illiterate – Now I know I have to pull out my phone every once in awhile to give my waiter or bartender the proper tip. But for a grown man to constantly struggle with his finances is extremely unattractive. You are taking a trip with the boys, yet you are short on paying a bill. Why are we talking again?


7. No Sense of Style/ Unkempt – Not every man can pull off being a suit and tie kind of man. And not  every man will be able to indulge in the luxury of a famous name brand line. Yet, every man should have his own style that personifies his personality. I should not be able to see your underwear. Why don’t you have on a belt? Full fledged urban wear was soooo 1999.


6. Arrogance/Cocky – This man might as well be in a relationship with himself! There is a good chance he will make comments to degrade or belittle your existence because he feels like he can. In no way, shape, or form is this appealing nor does it make a woman feel like you are confident. Quite the opposite actually.


5. No Relationship With God –  There is nothing more sexier than a man with faith. Even if he doesn’t go to church every Sunday, he goes and without the company of anyone else. He prays, knows God’s word, and is man enough to admit when he has slipped and tries his hardest to get back on track.


4. Lack of Intelligence – What is this “boy’s” purpose in life? He hates reading. Does not watch the news. Answers questions that require a thought and at times debatable response with “Huh?” or “I Don’t Know!” The lack of common sense falls under this category as well. If he says “Aye let me get a Fill-eT Mag-non,” … RUN!


3. No Sense of Humor/Personality – You probably have to do all the talking. He NEVER gets your jokes/sarcasm. He lacks oomph and with gasoline and a blow torch could never make anything spark.


2. No Goals/Ambition – This causes many women to roll their eyes. I believe every woman  has asked a man the goal/ambition question. And in most cases, men don’t really know. Hell, women don’t really know either but, we are trying to get somewhere. There are many men who have given up already or don’t even take the time to try to figure out what they want to do with their life. I am approaching 30, any man that aspires to be a rapper or anything to do with music as his main goal in life gets a side-eye and no call back from me.


1. Poor Hygiene/Manners – This is number one for many reasons. I can’t stand a dirty man. Your nails are dirty. You did not shave or get a hair cut. Your breathe stinks! That gum is not helping. Same drawers just a different day. If you burp, say excuse me. Why can’t you open the door again?


The rant continues…


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